Lochearnhead On Loch Earn, Stirling.

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Highland Games

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Join Lochearnhead Highland Games today and experience a tradition enjoyed by Scottish culture for many centuries.

The Highland Games were held for many reasons; whether it’s to find the best warriors to fight for the clan chieftain or pass time between agricultural activities or simply just enjoy a good ol’ village game, one thing is for certain, the game itself is emblematic of Scotland’s culture and it’s an experience you simply cannot miss.

At Lochearnhead, people can participate in a range of traditional heavyweight events like hammer throw, caber tossing, shot-putt, weight over the bar, tug-o-war, and sheaf toss. There are also entertaining track and field competitions involving a diverse range of participants from spinsters to 6 year old babies.

Music and dancing events are also held throughout the afternoon. Bagpipes bands, the music to symbolize the Highland Games, are held during the opening and closing ceremony with as many as 20 pipe bands marching and playing together. Music also brings together the best dancers from the around the world to see who is best.

Other event attractions include clan tents and stands selling Scottish memorabilia like swords, armour, art, and even a stuffed Loch Ness Monster. If you’re feeling hungry and tired, you can also enjoy assorted types of traditional Scottish food and refreshments.

Games, music, dancing, art, and food. It’s all waiting for you here at Lochearnhead!